New Fifth District TV Attack Ads

Lynchburg, VA - With less than six weeks till Election Day, the campaigns are heating up, with some strongly worded TV ads in the Fifth District Congressional race.

Congressman Robert Hurt and his challenger, General John Douglass, have both put hard-hitting ads on the air; the latest, an attack from Douglass on Hurt over uranium mining.

Maybe you've seen it, it's certainly hard to miss, "Studies show that uranium dust can lead to cancer and birth defects. But Congressman Hurt refuses to take action to stop uranium mining," says the latest ad on behalf of John Douglass's campaign for congress.

"Putting our families at risk," it continues. Douglass accuses Hurt of having family ties to mining, "His family stands to make millions from uranium mining," it says.

In a statement, Hurt's campaign denies the claims, asserting, "Robert has never supported lifting the moratorium on uranium mining. The record is clear. The fact that Mr. Douglass feels the need to make false statements about Robert and his family is a sign of desperation and is more Washington D.C. gutter politics that has no place in this campaign."

"But Douglass lobbied to sell sensitive satellite technology to China," says an ad on behalf of Hurt. He came out with his own ad, accusing Douglass of lobbying congress to oppose buying American weapons systems, "Not the way to make a first impression," the ad says.

Douglass fired back. In a statement to ABC 13, his campaign said, "Hurt is on the attack to cover up how much he stands to gain from uranium investors by opposing a federal ban on mining that puts our families at risk. General Douglass fully supports every country buying government-approved American goods."

Hurt's campaign says the congressman faced similar attacks in 2010 that were proven false. With November 6th still weeks away, the attack ads could get even stronger.