New End Date Set for Lynchburg's 5th St Construction Project

Lynchburg, VA- Businesses on Lynchburg's 5th Street may be getting a pretty big treat this Halloween: no construction! After several delays and additions to Phase 2 of the 5th Street project, city officials say their new goal end date is October 31.

Most of the street has been open to two-way traffic since the beginning of August. Between Court and Main Streets it is still only one way.

Construction Coordinator for the project, Ed Wood, says they still have some work to do on water lines in that section. He also says one of the reasons the project missed its September deadline is because they've decided to extend the crosswalk design to the Main Street intersection.

The CEO of the James River Conference Center says she's excited about the new end date, because her business won't get back on track until construction crews are gone.

"We're eagerly anticipating a smooth street with no bumps and no gravel piles and no porta johns, no construction crews. We're waiting," said Debby Ruffin.

City officials say the last thing they'll do is pave the road, so expect some more lane closures as we get closer to the end of October.