New Downtown Danville Store Doesn't Mind Construction

Danville, VA -- It's always a challenge, opening up a new store. One business in Danville has just opened in the middle of a massive construction project.

The owners of Chestnut Lane say the hardest part is that for a while, construction caused a lack of parking. But they, and others in the area, see a bright future.

Construction to the River District has caused noise, dust, and a decline of customers to downtown shops.

"It has slowed business quite a bit," said Robin Jones, owner of Vintages by the Dan.

But those complications didn't stop one business from opening their doors. Chestnut Lane sells renovated furniture right next to a road under construction.

"We knew that it was going to be wonderful when it was finished so we really didn't mind the construction," said Shelley Blackwell, part owner of Chestnut Lane.

Blackwell decided now might actually be the best time to open a downtown business. She says, as with any new store, the start may be rocky.

"I'd much rather do it now when there are not a whole lot of people coming in than if they were just coming in in droves and we couldn't take care of them," said Blackwell.

Just next door, Jones agrees. She says the construction has hurt business but the sacrifice will be worth it.

"Customers have said it's hard because they have to park a block or more to get in. But they're still coming," said Jones.

Blackwell also sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

"I really feel like if we can get through this, I think downtown is really going to flourish. I really do," said Blackwell.

Construction of the first phase of the River District is expected to be completed by this Fall. Then, by the end of the year, they should start working on the second phase, which will be more focused around the Lou's Antique Mall area.