New Dome in Danville Keeping Locals Curious

Danville, VA - It's hard to miss one big construction project going on in downtown Danville at the Danville Science Center.

The project is the new Digital Dome. Workers started building the dome last week, and it has a lot of people talking.

All over the River Walk trail, people are wondering what exactly the construction project is.

"It looks kind of like a dome for some kind of special event," Pittsylvania County resident Linda Frazier guessed.

"For real, I thought it was going to be a dome for the playground," said Danville resident Sydney Gray.

"I didn't know what it was, I thought it was something science place where to put the birds up," Earline Sanders said.

Danville Science Center Executive Director Jeff Liverman admits the dome is not the typical structure you would see on Craghead Street.

"There is some curiosity about what we are building here," Liverman said.

Soon, the dome-shaped frame will become a theater for the Science Center.

"The movie will be all around you. This whole dome is a projector screen inside dome," Liverman explained.

The construction of the theater is just as unique as the building itself. Workers have started creating the frame in a neighboring parking lot.

"We're going to take a large crane and plop it on the foundation," Liverman said.

The rest of the construction, including creating a projection dome within the dome, will happen once everything is in place.

"This is really going to change what is going on in downtown Danville," Liverman said.

Liverman says the theater will bring a lot of attention to the Science Center, and hopes it will be just one more positive addition to downtown.

Crews are hoping to move the dome next week to the foundation, but they say it can't be even the slightest bit windy during the move; they will have to play it by ear.

The dome should be ready for guests by the fall.