New Details Surround Layman Family Farms Accident

Bedford Co., VA - New details are out about an accident in Montvale Friday that left four people hurt at Layman Family Farms.

A farm tractor and trailer barreled down a hill and into a creek; throwing at least two people from the trailer bed and pinning them there for nearly an hour.

Montvale Volunteer Fire Chief, Scott Hawkins, says there was quite a bit of chaos at the scene where they initially couldn't even see the two victims trapped beneath the tow bar of the trailer.

The victims were found face up but pinned in the shallow creek.

Hawkins says that while there was obvious concern for the trauma injuries rescuers were also starting to worry about hypothermia setting in on the victims as it took as many as 40 minutes to extract them.

As for the accident itself - Hawkins has been able to piece together that the tractor rolled forward down the hill and the victims were thrown from the trailer when it bottomed out.

Hawkins said early on they were able to determine there was no driver on the tractor at the time of the accident.

How the tractor took off on its own is still unclear.

Neither Montvale Fire and Rescue or the Bedford County Sheriff's Department is conducting a post accident investigation.