New Details, More Arrests Made in Lynchburg Homicide

New details are emerging in connection with the shooting death of 20-year old Lawrence Giusto of Lynchburg.{} Seven people are now in custody, with more arrests expected.Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Charles Felmlee says the shooting of Lawrence Giusto early Sunday morning was "retaliation" but it wasn't made clear for what.This coming during a detention hearing for a 16-year old accused of being the driver of one of the two vehicles involved in the shooting, the one the fatal shot came from. Felmlee says police found several weapons in that red SUV, one of them, an AK-47 assault rifle. Police arrested the 16 year old driver yesterday.Attorneys say he gave police a false name, and attempted to escape capture by jumping out of a 2nd story window of a home. Felmlee says the suspect admitted to being the driver of the SUV, and that he was fully aware of why he, and the others in that vehicle, were headed to shoot Giusto.He now faces four counts, including first degree murder. The Commonwealth Attorneys Office say they will move to try the 16 year old as an adult. Attorneys for the suspect lobbied for him to be restricted at home, as his mother says he receives medical treatment for mental health, related to multiple concussions, but the judge ordered the suspect to be held at the juvenile detention home, declaring him a flight risk. He's being held at the juvenile detention home, as the judge declared him a flight risk, and a danger to the community.18-year-old Jakiel Rasuan Benson of Lynchburg was arrested late Tuesday, and charged in connection to the Lynchburg homicide, making him the 7th arrest in connection with the case.