New Details In VT Student Murder Case


Salem, VA - A new search warrant on file at the Roanoke County Courthouse that continues to paint the picture of Samanata Shrestha suffering through a violent physical attack the night she was killed.

That warrant shows that investigators took more than 140 pictures of the suspected killer, Jessica Ewing, in an effort to document any evidence of a physical struggle.

Included in the warrant was anything consistent with bruising, scratches and bite marks.

This all follows warrants filed in Montgomery County last week that included an affidavit showing missing and damaged items at Shrestha's Blacksburg apartment.

That warrant also shows that Ewing confessed to a friend, asking the witness, "If I tell you what I did last night, will you still love me?"

After which she allegedly said to that friend, "I killed that girl."

Two recent Virginia Tech graduates are also implicated in Shrestha's murder charged with helping Ewing after the fact.

Jessica Ewing continues to be held without bond in the Western Virginia Regional Jail.

Her next court date is set for April 17.

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