New Details in Speight's Alleged Killings

Reporter: Rachel Schaerr | Videographer: Ira Quillen

Appomattox, VA - Christopher Speight is in jail, accused of killing eight people in Appomattox County in January of 2010. Now sources close to the investigation say three of the victims were killed two days earlier than the others.

Law enforcement officials working this case have confirmed that Speight's sister, husband and son Josh died two years ago Tuesday.

Two days later on January 19, Morgan Dobyns, Emily Quarles, her two parents and Bo Scruggs were gunned down.

The family of one of the victims is marking this tragic anniversary with heartache and hope.

"To us, it's more than a news story," Robert New explains from the Campbell County Sheriff's Office where he works as an investigator. "This happened to us. This is what we went through."

Although they weren't related by blood, he and his brother had a bond closer than most.

"When you saw one of us you always saw the other two. It was always that way with Shannon, me and my brother," New said.

It's been two years since sources close to the investigation say Dwayne Shannon Sipe, his wife Lauralee, and their four-year-old son Joshua were gunned down inside their Snapps Mill home.

They now say Lauralee's daughter from a previous marriage, Morgan Dobyns, came home two days later and the killing continued.

"I don't like to think about what happened that day," New explained of the anniversary. "We look at it more the way Shannon was, the way Josh was, the way the family was. We remember those times."

New says Speight, charged with all eight of their murders, has never reached out to him or offered any remorse. But he's confident justice will come.

"I have a strong faith in God and I believe in our justice system," said New. "My peace is already made."

While the families of the victims prepare for that day, New says the Quarles, the Scruggs, and the Sipes will come together.

"We would have been strangers. But for that one day or that moment there, we became connected," New said.

Speight has been declared competent to stand trial, which is set to begin the second week in June. The Commonwealth's Attorney has not said whether he'll be seeking the death penalty.