New Details In August Death Of Rockbridge Baby

Heather Ruley

Lexington, VA - The medical examiner's office is saying he died of sudden unexpected infant death associated with an unsafe sleep environment.

Jake Slagle was found unresponsive at his Rockbridge County home on August 31st and later died.

A bassinet was one of the items seized at this home just over five months ago.

His father, William Slagle, mother, Heather Ruley and maternal grandmother, Patricia Ruley, were charged yesterday with involuntary manslaughter.

Search warrants filed at that time show the home was infested by fleas and filled with trash and feces.

Three other children were in the home at the time; felony charges of neglect for each child have also been filed against the three adults.

Investigators have been waiting for an autopsy before moving forward with any charges which is why it has taken several months.

In the meantime the department has been helping with the three surviving children.

"We cooperate with social services and we look out for the well being of the other children. We've had different hearings and such with the juvenile and domestic court and ensure that those children are safe and placed with other family members," said Investigator Tony McFaddin with the Rockbridge County Sheriff's Department.

The three adults also face a fifth felony each for allegedly abusing Jake prior to his death.

They are set to be arraigned on Monday.