New Details in Arrest of Alleghany Murder Suspect

Roanoke, VA - The US Marshals Service says they have arrested murder fugitive, Adan "Manuel" Rodriguez.

He has been on the run for two weeks since his wife's body was found buried in an Alleghany County cemetery.

Rodriguez was found in the small town of Pineville, North Carolina early Thursday morning - which is south of Charlotte.

Alleghany County Sheriff Kevin Hall said his investigators are now in North Carolina working to collect evidence.

A spokesman for the Marshals Service, who made the arrest, says Rodriguez's truck was found abandoned in Charlotte around 10:30 Wednesday night. Two hours later, Marshals caught up to Rodriguez at a friend's home, which was consensually searched.

Rodriguez was found barricaded in a bedroom closet and was arrested after a short standoff.

In his mugshot, you can see bandages on Rodriguez's neck. The Marshals Service says those bandages are dressing self inflicted wounds caused by a coat hanger during the arrest.

Rodriguez is charged with first degree murder of his wife Ashley Kimberlin Rodriguez, 24.

While the Marshals Service did not want to elaborate, the lead investigator says they did get quite a bit of cooperation from family and friends in the Pineville area.

Rodriguez is currently in the Mecklenburg County jail without bond awaiting extradition back to Covington.