New Details Emerge About Thursday's Bomb at Lynchburg School

Lynchburg, VA - State Police are providing new details about the bomb discovered at Rivermont School in Lynchburg Thursday morning.

The bomb was a pressure bomb made from a combination of chemicals inside a 14-16 oz lotion bottle, according to Special Agent Keith Childress.

Childress, who responded to the scene as part of the State Police bomb squad, says if the bottle had been thrown, the chemicals would have mixed and caused an explosion on impact. Childress says the bomb was capable of "serious disfigurement" if it exploded. He says the device could have blinded anyone nearby, or blown the fingers off of anyone holding it.

Lynchburg Police Captain Ryan Zuidema says the exact chemicals used in the bomb will not be released, so they don't give would-be copycat attackers any ideas.

Zuidema confirms detectives with his department searched the Appomattox County home of the 14-year-old boy accused of bringing the bomb to school with the full cooperation of the boy's family.

Zuidema says they discovered items similar to those used in the bomb found at the school at the home. Police wanted to make sure there were no other explosive devices, according to Zuidema.

The boy is charged with one felony and two misdemeanors for the bomb scare. He's being held at a juvenile detention facility.