New Details Emerge About Former Amherst Co. Treasurer

Amherst Co., VA - Search warrants shed new light on the case against the former Amherst County treasurer.

Evelyn Martin is charged with money laundering and embezzling public funds.

According to documents recently filed by state police, much of the case revolves around a cash register that was in Martin's control.

The search warrant refers to this register as R1B and says Evelyn Martin controlled it exclusively from January 2010 to December 2011.

Investigators found over the two-year window, Martin processed 51 transactions totaling nearly $14,000.

Of that amount, only $2,700 was actually deposited into Amherst County's bank account, leaving nearly $11,000 unaccounted for.

According to the warrant, investigators questioned Evelyn Martin in May of 2012. It says she confirmed the register was hers but could not explain what happened to the funds in question.

Also in the search warrants were Martin's own credit issues.

According to the documents, the woman responsible for managing the county's funds had maxed out credit cards, had insufficient funds in her bank accounts, and a defaulted student loan.

Martin is out on bond. Her trial date has not been set.