New Danville Church Calls Movie Theater Home

Danville, VA-- The movie theater in Danville usually doesn't open its doors until around noon on Sundays, but this Sunday was different.

Danville Stadium Cinemas 12 opened its doors earlier for church goers. It was Bridgetown Church's first service at the theatre.

The pastor said they took an unconventional approach, in hopes of drawing people who aren't comfortable with traditional styles of worship.

Hundreds of churches meet every Sunday in Danville, but, none quite like this.

Bridgetown Church will be setting up their church service every Sunday in a movie theater.

"At first I was like, oh, you're having it in one of the shut down movie theaters, and they were like no, we're having it in the big movie theater, and I was like oh, that's really cool, and when we got here, it's really cool how it works" greeter Nicole Eanes said.

As church goers walk in, they're greeted with big smiles and are offered coffee and donuts, that they can actually take into the theater, or on Sundays, the sanctuary.

Popcorn buckets are used as offering plates, and song lyrics are displayed on the big screen.

"I want us to be the church for people who don't like church, I want people to have the comfortable seat with the cup holder and they can eat a box of popcorn" greeter Buzzy Lawson said.

Pastor of Bridgetown Church, Jeff Lynch, said there's a reason they wanted to be at the movie theater.

"It goes perfectly with our name, the movie theater to us, we feel like is a great bridge between the church and the culture," Lynch said. "We feel like that people who maybe would never go into a church with wooden pews and stained glass and a steeple and all those things, they might come check out things at a movie theater. So Bridgetown the name, we want to be a bridge between the culture and between God."

But there's one thing the Pastor says is still traditional.

"The message is always going to remain the same," Lynch said. "We stick to the teachings of the Bible, we believe the teachings of Jesus and we're never going to stray away from that."

Bridgetown Church meets every Sunday at 10AM. They plan to start doing some activities around the community very soon. If you'd like to learn more about them, click here.