New Computer Virus Scam, Demands $200

Lynchburg, VA - A new computer virus has a lot of users on edge. The FBI virus as it's being called, pops up on home screens without warning. It looks like a memo from the FBI.

The memo claims the computer user has been violating copyright laws or visiting illegal websites. Computer technicians are saying it's striking without rhyme or reason; it can appear via email, or by visiting any website.

The worst part, it demands $200, a scam, some users have unfortunately fallen for.

"It locks their computer up, they can't control, alt., delete, they can't use their mouse, they can't use their keyboard. Normally, most of my customers try to reboot, thinking that's actually going to solve it, but it doesn't, it just goes back to the same FBI warning," said computer technician, Jeff Crickenberger.

Technicians say if you encounter this virus, your best bet is to call an expert. Any tinkering with it, could make the situation worse.