New Carpool Program RideSolutions Launches in Lynchburg

RideSolutions launches Monday for the Region 2000 area.

Lynchburg, VA - Monday, a brand new program rolled into Lynchburg called RideSolutions. It's been a success in other cities like Roanoke.

One point of RideSolutions is to get some cars off our congested roads. But the big question is: How does it work?

Real easily is the answer: Contact RideSolutions, give them your commute, and they will show you alternative ways to get around town like walking, biking or carpooling.

Grace Singletary lives just around the corner from her work. She walks and bikes a lot, and says others could too.

"O, I think it's a great idea. And if Lynchburg could get on board with it, I think it would be really good for everybody," said Grace Singletary, a barista at Black Water Coffee Company.

"Most days of the week I'm not in a car. No," said Brock Howard.

Howard on an average week jumps in his car only two days; he's open to carpooling with others.

"As somebody who bikes a lot downtown, I think that would be fantastic," said Howard.

Howard is a prime candidate for RideSolutions. Here's how it can work for you: Call the hotline at 1-866-424-3334, or go to, type in what you want like carpool or bike, along with your address, and RideSolutions will match you with a carpool or give you a route to bike. The computer does all the work.

"We want to help you not have to figure it out for yourself," said Kelly Hitchcock.

Hitchcock is behind the Lynchburg launch of this commuter program. She says alternative forms of transportation can save commuters time and money, help the environment and maybe get a little workout at the same time.

In fact, WHO states the best way to increase physical activity is to walk and bike for trips less than three miles. And the best part of all this that it's "all free. All the services are free," said Hitchcock.

But back on the street, there is one critique we heard: Lynchburg first must get more bicycle-friendly before people ditch their four-wheels for two.

"As a biker myself, I've been really scared. And I think drivers are also scared," said Singletary.

Individuals can use RideSolutions to maybe find a bike route to your work you never knew existed. But this is also for employers. An entire office can sign up and use RideSolutions to get employees carpooling with one another.