New Campaign in Response to Miller Park Fight

Lynchburg, VA - A group is getting together to take back ownership of Lynchburg City parks, and they want our kids involved too.

Miller Park got a bad wrap when a fight broke out on Memorial Day while a little league game was going on. Now, a new group of concerned residents is taking over, and they're calling their movement the "Share the Parks Campaign."

The first event is this Saturday 1-3 p.m. at Miller Park. There will be goodies and drinks, a the goal is to do positive things in the park and introduce kids to adult mentors.

"I think this is more of a reaction to the negative press that the parks got. People love the parks, they love the trails, and they did not want that to be representative of what our parks and trails are about," said Kay Frazier, director of Lynchburg Parks & Recreation.

The Share the Parks Campaign is working on more events in different parks later this summer.