New Businesses Hope to Bring Jobs to Appomattox

Appomattox, VA - Things are looking up for business in Appomattox: Tractor Supply is almost ready to open their doors and the locally owned TriTech Solutions just recently popped up.

Three local entrepreneurs started the most recent TriTech Solutions. Members of the town say this business has the potential and the precision-- to go a long way.

Pieces of metal like the ones made at TriTech Solutions are typically made with some sort of torch or saw. But believe it or not, both were cut with no blade and no heat - just water.

"It can cut up to 6 inches thick," said Frankie Drewry, co-owner of TriTech Solutions. "Anything you put on here it will cut it."

It's called the Techni water jet and it's Tri Tech Solution's secret weapon for making machine parts for industry.

It starts with a sketch.

"Most of the customers send us their drawings and have certain parts they get made," said Drewry.

Then a mix of water, abrasives and a some interesting sound effects do the rest.

The Techni jet has a lot of power. To give you an idea - a typical car wash uses only 2,000 pounds per square inch of water pressure. The amount of pressure here at is 33 times that.

"This is going to boost all of central Virginia, I think, with what this machine can do," said Timothy Garrett.

Garrett is on Appomattox Town Council. He believes once the word gets out about TriTech and this new technology, more jobs will be created.

"We've been pushing to get jobs in this community whether it's in the town or county," he said. "Hopefully it will bloom into a lot of jobs for the county."

The fact that the owners are homegrown is just the icing on top.

"Homespun metal works, I mean it makes you proud. You see kids come up through school and graduate and then come and start a business. It's good for the community," said Garrett.

Most of their customers are in the bottling and pharmaceutical industry. They fabricate the parts those companies need to make their machines.