New App Helps Appomattox Co. Parents Track Student Progress in School

Appomattox Co.,VA- For Appomattox County students, the days of fibbing about grades or skipping class, are over thanks to a new app for parents.

The school system is providing a new way for moms and dads to stay connected to what's going on at their child's school. The app is targeting parents, but school officials say everyone in the community should give it a download so they can get the most up to date information about Appomattox County Public Schools.

"It's kind of a one stop shop device," said Dr. Dorinda Grasty, Superintendent for Appomattox County Public Schools.

Whether it's attendance, assignments or athletics, the ways parents can keep track of their students now are endless.

"We've got several parents that have become experts in three days. And they seem to be tracking everything with their kids," said Grasty.

"I was showing it to this one parent and the student, he did not look happy at all that I was giving this to the parent. He was just like 'awww,'" said Brette Arbogast, Technology Director for Appomattox County Public Schools.

Regardless of how students feel, parents are getting more access to the classroom, and even the cafeteria. Not only can you check student's grades and attendance, you can also see what they're having for lunch. And, make sure they have enough lunch money in their account.

But, the app isn't just for inquisitive parents, it's also replacing the school system's mass notification system.

"I can send in three pushes of my finger on my smartphone a mass notification to all my teachers, or to everybody in the community who has my app," said Arbogast.

Individual schools can even send customized messages to certain parents and students.

"There are many, many aspects of the program that parents really seem to enjoy already," said Grasty.

"We're hoping that the app with the communication aspect will help increase community/parent involvement with the schools," said Arbogast.

The app is called Appomattox County Public Schools and it's free to download. Parents will have to get a username and password from their child's school in order to track their grades and assignments. If members of the community just want to get school alerts, you do not need a password for the app.

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