New 5th Street Deli Hopes to Break Construction Funk

Lynchburg, VA- With nine more months to go, construction on Fifth Street near downtown Lynchburg is at its peak. And businesses there have been dealing with so much--minimal parking, and near-constant dust. The area just doesn't seem too inviting right now. But, there's a new restaurant opening up right in the middle of it all.

Some people call the address a cursed location. In two years, 512 Fifth Street has been home to three different restaurants. But owners of Risoldi's Jersey Deli say they have a strategy that's foolproof.

First it was the Starlight Café, then the Sunrise Café, now, Risoldi's Deli.

"I'm telling you, once you try the food you will be hooked on it. It's that good," said Daniel Messarge, Co-Owner of Risoldi's.

But if it really is all about location, Risoldi's could be struggling to bring in customers next to that noisy, uneven, parking-free road.

"Yeah, it is a big risk," said Messarge.

But the risky location does come with its perks.

"I mean, I got a pretty good deal on the first few months, not having to pay any rent," said Messarge.

And there is a steady stream of customers.

"Actually the construction guys come in here and eat all the time. And it's really good, like I said. They love it, they really do. They really like the food," said Messarge.

But for other customers, it's kind of tricky to get to Risoldi's these days. So Messarge's business plan? He'll come to you.

"I feel like I can really do a strong delivery business out of here," he said.

He's mostly targeting businesses, colleges, and college students.

"Being able to go to them is just one of those added conveniences that they seem to really appreciate," said Messarge.

And he hopes to make the Risoldi's menu a staple on every fridge in the city.

"As long as the food is really good, and I'm willing to deliver, I think I can be okay," he said.

So Messarge may have found a way to beat the construction conundrum. Although he says the project does have a silver lining.

"They're going to be here a while so they're going to be giving me consistent business," said Messarge.

Risoldi's will have a grand opening Friday, October 5th. They hope to pack the place with customers looking for an authentic Jersey-style sub, at an affordable price.


Hours of operation are from Monday-Thursday 11-7, Friday and Saturday 11-9, closed on Sunday. They are located on 512 5th Street, formerly the Sunrise Café. They offer free delivery for orders of at least twenty dollars or a two dollar delivery fee will be added. Call 434-414-6813 to place an order. Special discounts available for orders over fifty dollars, parties, or catering events.