Nelson County Women, Dog Save Man's Life

Faber, VA - A mother, a daughter, and an English bulldog all came together one morning back in May to help save a Lynchburg man's life.

63-year-old Doug Reynolds was having a seizure as he was driving along Route 151.

Something told him to pull into one particular driveway in Faber and that's where his luck changed.

He met Georgia Bea, a tank of an English bulldog and the apple of Julie and her daughter, Ashley Pannell's eyes.

Both are volunteer firefighters with the Rockfish Fire Department.

Now Georgia Bea may earn a badge too because she sniffed out a truck driver in her driveway.

"I was standing at the front door and I saw Georgia Bea go running through the front driveway and when I ran out the front door, he had stopped right here," said Ashley Pannell.

Ashley noticed the man shaking violently at the wheel, unable to speak, so she took action.

She ran inside grabbed the phone from her mom and called 911.

Julie Pannell, who has had multiple sclerosis for 20 years, knows all about battles.

But her training as a former EMT kicked in.

She said, "And I rolled out here and talked to him and I knew as long as he was talking to me he was breathing and had an airway."

Mom, daughter, and dog all waited and within minutes paramedics showed up and transported Mr. Reynolds to Charlottesville for medical treatment.

But while they waited, Julie had something very special to show Reynolds: the tattoo on her leg representing her fight against MS. She says her message is clear: Never give up.

Doug Reynolds tells ABC 13 that it appears the cause of that seizure is Stage Four Lung Cancer.

He is undergoing chemo, but he does not have medical insurance.

Reynolds was gracious and says he can't thank the Pannells enough for their role that day.

The Pannells would like to see about raising some funds for Reynolds' medical treatment.