Nelson County Residents Demand Answers About Proposed Dominion Pipeline

Nelson County, VA - Nelson County residents are demanding answers from Dominion Energy about a proposed natural gas pipeline.{}Dominion alerted several residents back in May that their properties fell on a potential route for a 450-mile pipeline. Now, several opposition groups have emerged aimed at stopping Dominion from building the pipeline through their county. One after another Nelson County residents voiced their concerns.{}"I'm very concerned about the water purity here and the effect a gas line would have" said one Nelson County resident.{}"All the lovely vineyards and wineries. This is just not compatible with that sort of thing" said another resident. The forum was held by Free Nelson, an opposition group that emerged shortly after Dominion proposed their Southeast Reliability Project. Dominion initially sent letters to residents requesting permission to survey their property July 2015. "The second letter that was dated June 30 says that they will begin surveying as early as July 11, 2014" said Free Nelson creator Marion Kanour. Dominion Energy spokesman Frank Mack says the date on the first letter was an error and that surveying has already begun in parts of West Virginia. In the letter, Dominion reminds landowners they do not need their permission to survey their property. Meanwhile, Free Nelson has come up with ways to intervene. "We'll be playing red rover and tug-o-war and we'll have bubbles and banners and whatever we can do to interrupt the line of sight of the surveyors" said Kanour The Nelson County board of supervisors approved a resolution to request Dominion to halt all land surveys until they provide more information to the county. Mack says that most likely will not happen unless they decide to go through with the project. "It's horrifying for me to see what would happen to our land" said Kanour. Mack says they 'recognize the need for additional dialogue' and there will be an opportunity if they decide to go forward with the project. He says Dominion intends on having good relations with the landowners and will not survey their property if the landowner doesn't grant them permission.