Nelson County Photographer Shares Story to Save Dog

Nellysford, VA - She's spent years using her camera lens to tell other people's stories. Now, a photographer in Nelson County is sharing hers, hoping to get a member of her family the treatment it desperately needs.

Around the same time Hayley Osborne started working for Blue Ridge Life Magazine, a stray dog named Pogo walked through her front door and into her heart forever. But last month, a devastating diagnosis changed everything.

"They're inseparable. They're the duo that, you see Hayley coming down the road and you've got Pogo's nose out the window right behind her," Lindsey Osbourne said, looking at her sister holding her dog.

"He goes everywhere with me. He's so gentle and sociable and perfect," Hayley Osborne added with a laugh.

So imagine the pain, the uncertainty in June when the veterinarian found a tumor in Pogo's hind leg.

"I would do anything, anything to help him," Hayley said.

The typical solution is amputation.

But Pogo is not your typical dog. He already had one leg amputated.

At two years old, he was a stray in Charlottesville when a car ran over him, crushing his right leg. A stranger, Osborne calls a savior, paid for the surgery.

"Typically with stray animals they chose to euthanize them with such serious injuries like that," Osborne explained.

But without another hind leg to spare, the $6,500 it will cost for radiation seems like the only option. So she shared Pogo's story online, hoping for donations. So far she's raised $2,200 for the medical bills.

"He's had lots of saviors," Osborne added.

And she has hope he'll be running around again soon.

Osborne's received help from the Mosby Foundation and the Magic Bullet Fund, both help pay for pet's medical bills. If you'd like to donate, find Osborne and Pogo's story on the Magic Bullet Fund's website.

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