Nelson Co. Investigators Ask Hunters to Help in Search for Alexis Murphy

Nelson Co., VA - The Nelson County Sheriff's Office is asking hunters all across the state to help bring Alexis Murphy home.

The lead investigator met with members of the media Wednesday, asking them to keep their eyes open for anything that looks out of the ordinary.

Nelson County is nearly 500 square miles, and it's made up of rural and mountainous terrain.

The sheriff's office figures they can cover a lot more ground with the help of hunters than their handful of volunteers.

Alexis Murphy was last seen on August 3 at the Liberty Gas Station, wearing a pair of leopard print capris, a purple long sleeve shirt, and brown boots.

Investigators are asking hunters to keep an eye out for pieces of clothing that may match that description or anything else that seems out of the ordinary.

If you DO stumble across anything unusual, don't touch it.It is a potential crime scene, so you should call the Nelson County Sheriff's Office at 434-263-7050.

"With the hunting season, they're gonna be in areas that we haven't even looked or even thought about going into. Primarily why we're reaching out to the news agencies is to let everyone know, not only in Nelson County but the surrounding jurisdictions and also statewide," said Investigator Billy Mays.

Investigator Mays says there have been several instances in other cases where hunters have stumbled across a key piece of evidence. They're hoping that will be the case here.