Nelson Co. Animal Shelter Wins $10,000

Nelson Co., VA - A pet adoption center in Nelson County received thousands of dollars to help with its shelter, all thanks to an adoption success story.

Shawn Angell is now the proud owner of Jake, a three-legged dog rescued in Nelson County.

"I was kind of looking for a friend and he just seemed to fit the picture," Angell said.

Angell saw a flyer of Jake asking to be adopted at his local vet's office and wanted to give him a good home.

"I had never gone to that board before which was the funny thing, but I saw his flyer and knew I wanted him then. He was such a sad, sad guy," Angell said.

Jake was one of five dogs rescued from a home in Nelson County, by the Almost Home Pet Adoption Center two years ago.

"You could tell he had been through terrible things. But once he got to the house and realized that he was in a safe place, within a few days he could relax and you could tell," Angell said.

The success of Jake's adoption inspired the Nelson County SPCA to submit his story to the Holiday Wishes Grant Campaign put on by the Petco foundation.

"In the beginning the grant was going to be $250,000 dollars, but with all of the overwhelming success with all of the stories, we actually stepped our grant up to $500,000," said Petco Store Manager Justin Dodgins.

The humane society in Nelson County received $10,000 for their submission to go towards medical care for the animals.

"When you see how a dog comes into us in the condition it's in, and frequently we don't know who the owner was, but after we work with them a little bit and get them fixed up and find these wonderful homes, it's just amazing," said Nelson Co. Humane Society President Bette Grahme.

Now, Jake has a warm home with food and even matching dog tags with his pal Shawn.

The Nelson County Humane Society was just one of many shelters around the U.S. to receive a grant this holiday season from the Petco foundation.