Neither Child Restrained In Deadly Pulaski County Wreck

Roanoke, VA - A search warrant shows that neither children involved in a deadly Pulaski County wreck last month wore safety restraints at the time of the wreck.

A search warrant on file in Roanoke looking for custody of Crystal Lefler's medical records shows that witness called 9-1-1 to report Lefler's vehicle as driving "all over the road" - to the point that witness followed Lefler beyond their turnoff.

The ensuing crash scene is also described with the report stating the two year old little girl riding in the car was walking around the scene when first responders arrived.

It goes on to say the four year old was ejected.

Both girls were eventually taken to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital by medical helicopter.

The four year old died four days later.

Neither child was restrained.

Lefler, who suffered minor injuries, was described in the report as having slurred speech and admitted using the narcotic, Lortab, prior to the wreck.

The warrant says Lefler changed her story at least two times as well.

So far Lefler is charged with Driving While Intoxicated/Drugged but the warrant shows the investigation is trying to support charges of Involuntary Manslaughter and Maiming as a result of Driving Under the Influence.

In Virginia there is also an enhanced law that covers deaths committed while DUI; Aggravated Involuntary Manslaughter - which significantly increases the penalty if convicted.