Neighbors: White Has Questionable Mental Health

Lynchburg, VA - Thursday contributed nine additional bomb threats to Tuesday's 11. It also was the day of the arrest parents had been waiting on pins and needles for.

Dexter Scott White, 43 years old of Lynchburg now faces 24 Felony charges, including a bomb threat to a Lynchburg hospital, attempted extortion, and 22 bomb threats to various city schools.

It was three days of worry, "When we heard how many schools were affected by it, it was a little scarier" said one Dad.

Two days of more than 20 bomb threats, "At a number of city schools and at a Centra Health facility" said Lynchburg Police Chief, Parks Snead.

And on Thursday, finally, some closure.

"Very simply, we're not going to tolerate this type of activity in the city, ok? As a police department, we are going to identify those individuals who perpetrate this type of activity and we are going to ensure that they're prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law" said Captain Ryan Zuidema of the Lynchburg Police Department.

Lynchburg Police identified White of Lynchburg as the man they believe this week, called in multiple bomb threats to city schools and one to Lynchburg General Hospital.

"He has mental issues that needed to have been addressed, which we have been trying to get addressed for several months now" said Kelly Brown, White's neighbor.

Brown lives doors down from White. She says he lived with his mother.

"I don't think she's really aware of his mental state" said Brown.

She noticed White displaying odd behavior long before any bomb threats.

"He was arrested a couple of weeks ago and carried to a mental institution in Petersburg. But because he has no health insurance, Dexter was released to wreak havoc on our city, our neighborhood, and anywhere else that he could wreak havoc" said Brown.

When asked if bomb making material was found in or around White's property though, police answered by saying, he was never a risk to the schools that he threatened.

But as for Brown, "My heart dropped" she said.

The mother of a Lynchburg City School student was grateful White is now behind bars.

"There's a lot of mental issues going on with Dexter, a lot" she said.

If convicted of all 24 felonies, police say White could spend years in prison.

Police were working with city school administrators Thursday to determine what if any additional security will be used at schools on Friday to make sure when you drop your son or daughter off, there's no question of their safety.