Neighbors Thankful After Washed Out Road Reopens in Bedford Co.

Bedford Co., VA - Some Bedford County neighbors who were stranded after heavy rain washed out their private road can finally leave home.

Local companies stepped up to help the neighbors who were in a very difficult and dangerous situation. A construction crew spent about a week repairing Meadowlark Road in Blue Ridge.

As treasurer of his neighborhood's private road committee, Del Sprinkel has had a lot to worry about since the end of January. It was the last time he could hop in his truck, and drive up the road to see his neighbors.

Now Sprinkler says he doesn't have to worry about Meadowlark Road every day.

"You don't realize how much you take it for granted," said Crystal Flowers.

Flowers lives in one of the nine homes on the other side.

"Very difficult walking up and down the muddy banks on each side. Two kids going to the bus stop each morning when it's dark. So you know, coming across with a flashlight in the inclement weather. It was pretty rough and carrying groceries back and forth. It was very rough," said Crystal.

But now, getting those groceries home is no problem.

"A blessing. Especially to the people that live up here," said Sprinkel.

The foot bridge used to cross the creek is still there, but Sprinkel prefers the sound of gravel under his feet and tires, and the sound of water running through a pipe and not a road.

Del and his neighbors say they want to sincerely thank Haymes Brothers, Boxley, and RLJ Thompson Trucking. Those are the three area companies that came together to rebuild the road.