Neighbors Recall Fatal Lynchburg House Fire

Reporter: Lauren Compton l Videographer: Todd Densmore

Lynchburg, VA - Some Lynchburg residents who saw a fatal fire rip through a home Sunday morning say it's a scene they can't forget. The fire broke out on Valleydale Drive around 5:00 a.m.

Two men living in the basement apartment died, but the family upstairs managed to escape. Fire officials aren't releasing the name of the victims, and they are still investigating the cause.

All that remains of the house at 119 Valleydale Drive is burned walls, boarded windows, and the haunting memory of the fire that took two lives.

"I was awakened to someone screaming and banging on the door," said Tanya Eubanks, a resident who lived next door to where the fire started.

At first Eubanks thought the noise was a party next door. When she walked outside she saw the fire growing. She also saw a young woman pounding on the basement door from outside pleading for help.

"I found out was that one of the guys that died in the basement was her boyfriend," said Eubanks.

Residents of Valleydale Drive say most people keep to themselves. Few people knew the men who died, but they all feel a sense of loss and concern for their families.

"My heart goes out to the families of those people. It's just really sad to hear especially, because it's close to home like this," said Marc Boucher.

For Eubanks, every time she looks over her gate she'll be reminded of the tragedy that unfolded next door.

"Even last night I walked outside and looked outside and looked out there. It's like a bad nightmare," said Eubanks.

Eubanks says she's full of regret, and wishes there's something she could have done.

"I wish I wouldn't have thought it was just a party and just ignored it. I wish I would have went out, and banged on the door with the young girl," said Eubanks.

The damage to the home is estimated at $75,000. The family that lived on the top level of the home is being assisted by the Red Cross.