Details Emerge After Gretna Stabbing Death

Reporter: Parker Slaybaugh

Lynchburg, VA - Officials are learning more about 23-year-old James Thomas Santangelo II and the crime they say he committed.

Santangelo is from Lynchburg, and is accused of stabbing 52-year-old Charles L. Ooten at his home in Gretna Saturday morning around 10:20 a.m. Neighbors say Ooten had just moved to Gretna several months ago, moving into a house that his son used to live in.

Many neighbors say they didn't really have a chance to get to know Ooten, but describe him as a "Good Neighbor".

"It was a real shock to hear it was someone this close by," said Mark Betterton who lives down the street from where Saturday's stabbing took place.

Betterton says he was surprised to hear a crime like this happened so close to home.

"It's bad because it's kind of a quiet area around here and this came up, it's kind of shocking," said Betterton.

With plenty of land for his two young children to play on, he doesn't want his kids to be worried, but says he will remain cautious.

"I told them to be careful and you never know what could happen," said Betterton.

Police say Santangelo showed up to Ooten's house, uninvited. Police also say, a little while later, Santangelo stabbed Ooten in Ooten's front yard with a kitchen knife. Ooten died on the scene from his injuries.

While it is believed the two men knew each other, police aren't saying what the extent of their relationship was.

Within 30 minutes of the stabbing, Santangelo turned himself in to authorities.

Betterton says this type of crime is too close for comfort, but feels better knowing the suspect isn't on the loose.

"I heard he turned himself in and I was glad to hear about that," said Betterton.

Santangelo is currently being held at the Pittsylvania County Jail where he awaits arraignment.

Saturday neighbors said they heard gunshots around the time of the incident, but police say no gun shots were associated with this crime.

We will bring you more information as it becomes available.