Neighbors React to Fatal Accident Involving School Bus in Roanoke Co.

Roanoke Co., VA - One person was killed and another was seriously injured in a bus accident in Roanoke County Tuesday morning.

The car they were in veered out of control and slammed into a school bus on Hunting Hills Drive.

It was a seemingly normal day on the bus carrying three special needs students, plus two adults, to Cave Spring Middle School.

Seconds later, all aboard found themselves in a deadly wreck that was heard more than a half mile away.

According to the driver of Bus #14, she saw a car coming toward her at a high rate of speed, which began losing control in these curves.

She stopped as a defensive measure, but by then, the vehicle slammed into the front of the bus almost broadside.

"We heard really short screeching and then a very loud bang and it sounded, you know, like it was an intense hit," said Ginger Pietrzak.

Pietrzak lives just a few dozen yards away. She watched as people rushed in to help the victims.

"They seemed fine... a little shaken. But it wasn't until much later that I saw an older lady come off the bus and she seemed a little more shaken."

The crash killed the car's driver, Donna Divers, 39. Her passenger, Christopher Garrett, 42, was seriously injured.

Divers and her passenger, Christopher Garrett, 42, was seriously injured. Both are from the Wirtz area of Franklin County.

Neither was wearing a seatbelt.

Three kids and two adults on the bus walked away; one student with a busted lip.

"It was loud and I knew it had to be serious," said Tom Edwards.

Living more than 500 yards away, Edwards had to come see what had happened. He says this road is a major cut-through for people, and it is patrolled well.

It's the 25 mile an hour speed limit that seems to not be followed.

"The police have done a good job of maintaining speeds in here. They've had radar set ups; they will patrol. And that's a good thing, but all of us often times don't do 25 and this is a good reason why we need to," said Edwards.

The preliminary investigation is pointing toward speed as a contributing factor. This accident is just over two weeks after another Franklin County man slammed into a bus in Wirtz.