Neighbors Ask Court to Stop Killing of Geese

Forest, VA - A group of neighbors is asking a judge to stop the killing of geese in their Bedford County neighborhood.

Seventeen people who live in Lake Vista in Forest filed for an injunction in circuit court. They are trying to prevent the community's property owners association from having the geese euthanized.

The complaint quotes the subdivision's own declaration of rights, which calls for the conservation of migratory birds. It also says the homeowners chose to purchase lake property, and should expect geese.

"We're in the Atlantic coast flyway, so there's going to be geese flying in," said Mauranna Sherman, a plaintiff. "We're in a temperate area, so there's going to be some remaining. We have water, so there's going to be some geese. People know this going in."

A hearing for a temporary injunction is set for July 1.