NC Regulators Cite Duke Energy; Halifax Co. Sees Costly Effects of Spill

Halifax Co., VA - North Carolina regulators have issued notice to Duke Energy that they will be cited for environmental violations after that coal ash spill into the Dan River.

The Department of Environmental and Natural Resources says Duke Energy could be fined, but the amount hasn't been determined.
Meanwhile, the aftermath of the spill has cost Halifax County thousands of dollars.
Water treatment officials say they have had to bring in additional manpower and chemicals to treat the county's drinking water after the spill.
Folks in Halifax County also saw the portion of the river that runs through their backyard turn grey.
The county has spent an extra $10,000 to modify the amount of cleansing agents used to make sure the water is safe.
That cost also stems from the amount of overtime paid to employees who have been consistently testing the water.
Service Authority Executive Director Mark Estes expects the cost to increase down the line.
"We run a schedule of samples that VDH requires us to do on a regular schedule. This is beyond that regular schedule. So, there's additional manpower to collect those samples, and we have to pay for those samples, " Estes said.
Treatment officials in Danville say they have not had to spend any extra money on additional chemicals, but they too have had their employees doing more testing than usual.