Native Philippine Man Relieved After Hearing From Family

Bedford, VA- {}Father Salvador Anonuevo has been trying to get in touch with his family back home in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan.

He still has lots of family there-- including his 98-year-old mother. When he got the call from his family that they were ok, he was so relieved.

Typhoons are not uncommon for those in the Philippines. Anonuevo said that growing up he remembers experiencing many typhoons, sometimes nearly 20 a year.

However, none of those were even close to what they experienced last week.Typhoon Haiyan, took them all by surprise.

{}When he saw the devastation of his home country on the news, he said his first impulse was to go home. He prayed for the many silent days until the cell towers were repaired.

"I was already thinking, what's the worst that could possibly happen. So I'm just so relieved when I hear her voice," said Anonuevo.

Typhoon Haiyan is the first of this magnitude that Anonuevo can recall. Typhoons were just a way of life for him, growing up just steps away from the Pacific Ocean.

"I was just hoping that it would be a similar experience, because typhoon is so much a part of our lives," said Anonuevo.As a child, the weather was even celebrated at times because it meant no school.

"Actually we feel happy, first all the schools would be canceled and we will be playing for the whole week, sometimes month," said Anonuevo.

As a priest, the emotions changed a bit, he then took on the role of comforting those who have lost everything. "We have to give them some words of encouragement to move on and start their lives over again," said Anonuevo.

He said he cannot express enough how grateful he is to see our country coming together to give to those in need and he knows the people of his country will come together and move on from this disaster.