National Parks Will be Affected by Sequester

Appomattox, VA - National Parks across the country are being asked to cut their budget by five percent because of the sequester.

The Appomattox Court House National Park says they are planning to close during the month of January and many of their employees will be furloughed during that time.

They are also considering only opening five days a week.

Three positions need to be filled too but likely won't now.

They say this means grass won't be cut as often, and trash pickup will happen less frequently.

"Where I think it will be very visible will be along Highway 24, which runs right through the park. People that live near the park or travel that route everyday know what I mean. We don't want our out of state visitors and our out of country visitors being greeted with that," said Ernie Price, a Park Ranger there."

The folks at Booker T. Washington National Park say their cuts aren't as drastic.

It's mainly cutting expenses in travel and training for their employees.