National Consultant Looks at Downtown Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Downtown Lynchburg just got the once over from someone who specializes in redevelopment.

Main Street USA, an organization focused on revitalizing downtown's, sent the consultant. He got a tour of downtown and touched on what Lynchburg's doing right and wrong in redevelopment. One idea: divide downtown into different districts. For example, separate areas for antiques and the arts versus dining and nightlife.

The consultant told officials there's work ahead, but Lynchburg has a lot going for it.

"Downtown Lynchburg is a pretty cool place. It's got this great downtown resident growth now that's creating a sort of night-life, urban, funky flair. We would like to grow on that and build that in to our events and marketing strategies," said Anna Bentson, executive director, Lynch's Landing.

The plan is to present his ideas in the coming weeks.

The consult did not cost the city a dime.