NASCAR's New Dads

NASCAR has seen a baby boom the last few years. Kevin Harvick, Greg Biffle, Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon have all become dads. And just a few weeks ago, Denny Hamlin joined the club.
Taylor James Hamlin was born on January 20th and Denny Hamlin now knows instead of just getting to victory lane, he has more responsibilities.
Denny Hamlin said "Every time I have to leave the house I don't like leaving and then I want to get back as soon as possible."
Matt Kenseth has three kids and has already given Hamlin some tips.
Matt Kenseth said "It gets easier but there's things that get harder too so it's fun. Every day is an adventure and it's truly a miracle. It's fun to have kids and be apart of that every day."
Kyle Busch has been married for two years and Hamlin suggested they need to get going.
Hamlin said "I think him and Sam, I think they're ready so I think they need to have two or three or four."
Kyle Busch said "It would be fun but there's just so much going on in our lives right now that's probably not the exact, correct moment for that so we'll see."
You might think they need a nursery here at JGR. Joe Gibbs himself has eight grandchildren and two of them were here not too long ago and let's just say they weren't quiet.
Joe Gibbs said "So I'm in a meeting in there with Dave Rogers. I had Dave and I told them hey you guys play out here on the outside and for 20 minutes they're over the top of chairs. You hear them laughing, punching, knocking, tackling and after about 15 minutes, Dave Rogers just goes...those two are going non-stop. When you hear them coming man they're full-bore."
Babies change priorities but they don't change the way drivers race. They, too, are still full-bore.