NASCAR's Leonard Wood Speaks in Lynchburg

Lynchburg - Legendary crew chief and one of NASCAR's pioneers Leonard Wood made a pit stop in Lynchburg Monday night.

Wood, a 2013 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee who's been in the sport 62 years, spoke to the Lynchburg Sports Club. The Wood Brothers are renowned as the innovator of the modern pit stop and Leonard was front and center as the chief mechanic. He invented a car jack that would come up with one or two pumps. His brother Glen was inducted last year, this coming February it's Leonard's time to be enshrined into NASCAR's Hall of Fame.
Leonard Wood, 2013 NASCAR HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE, said "Everybody likes to be recognized, I mean it's after all these years, people recognize you for what you've done in the past. And it's very rewarding and very rewarding to go in with all the other elite group that's already in there."
Dale Jarrett, FORMER WOOD BROTHERS DRIVER, said "One of the smartest people to come through this sport especially early on. They had so many innovative ideas from the pit crew to other things that people don't even know about, under the hood of the car so to speak, that Leonard Wood was kind of in charge of making happen."