NASCAR Race at VIR Helping Local Economy

Halifax Co., VA -- It's a big weekend at Virginia International Raceway. Friday and Saturday, VIR is hosting K&N Pro Series East, their first ever NASCAR sanctioned race.

Local businesses are counting on fans stopping in for chips or gas near the raceway. They say these little purchases can add up to big bucks for them over the weekend.
For the first ever NASCAR sanctioned race at VIR, fans flock to watch drivers zip around the raceway, but those are not the cars Tameeka Alexander gets excited about. As the owner of Hero's Hot Dogs, just down the road from VIR, Alexander looks forward to the increase in fans passing her restaurant.
"I know it's going to be a rush. I usually have a rush, but with that being there I have a lot of more customers coming in," said Alexander.
With the K&N Pro Series East expecting to bring in more visitors to VIR than ever before, local businesses gear up for the big crowds. Alexander says she has her full staff ready.
"It's going to be two cooks, someone running the front. Then I have people getting the food out quickly. So it won't be a long wait," said Alexander.
Hamlett's Convenience Market has already seen an increase in customers.
"Compared to a normal Friday morning, it's probably picked up probably about 50 percent," said Wanda Crawley, employee at Hamlett's Convenience Market.
VIR Owner and CEO Connie Nyholm says it makes her proud to know that they can help businesses in their community.
"We know that we are bringing a lot of new dollars, new customers, new people from outside the area coming into the area for our races," said Nyholm.
Nyholm says fans travel from all over the region for this race and that should put some extra cash in everyone's pockets. And these local businesses certainly appreciate the extra money.
"It's kind of overwhelming but it's a good feeling to have people just coming in, coming in," said Alexander.
The race will be Saturday afternoon. You can still get tickets if you want to go.
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