NASCAR Noise With Jonathan Merryman

It's been a while since my last blog post and a lot has happened since then in the world of NASCAR so let's get down to business.

The Green Flag:

There is a lot of buzz around Kurt Busch and his comments to reporter Bob Pockrass after last week's Nationwide Series race at Dover. I'm not going to quote Busch but basically he threatened to beat up Pockrass after being asked if his probation inhibited the way he raced on Saturday.

Obviously the comments got out to the media, flew out over Facebook and Twitter and now Kurt Busch has found himself suspended. All of which has raised the question: How many chances the past champion will get? My theory to that may be hidden within the question itself.

"How many chances will this past Sprint Cup Champion get?" Your answer is as many as he wants.

Outside of Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson, Kurt Bush is the most recent champion in the Sprint Cup Series. This makes him valuable to anyone who wants to field a racecar because he has a champion's provisional. That provisional means he is locked in the field no matter what his point's position or where he qualifies. That I's huge because it will be valid in the foreseeable future since it doesn't look like Jimmie or Tony will be falling outside of the top 35 in points for a long time.

The Pit Stop:

The NASCAR Hall Of Fame selected a new set of five inductees last month in Charlotte. While many fans were upset that Wendell Scott (the only African American driver who has won a race in what is now known as the Sprint Cup Series) was left off the ballot, I've got a positive spin to put on it.

Wendell was selected for the first time to be added to the ballet this year. That means his name will never come off of that list until he is inducted. Therefore it is just a matter of time before one of Danville's most inspirational men will be where he deserves.

The Finish Line:

This weekend the Sprint Cup Series will race at Pocono on Sunday while the Camping World Truck Series will race at Texas on Friday Night. For my pick on Sunday, I'm going to have to go with Denny Hamlin. The Chesterfield, VA native has dominated that track in the past and its about time that Darian Grubb and Hamlin teamed up for more of the same this Sunday. Friday night in the trucks I'm going with another Virginia boy, Timothy Peters.