NASCAR MEDIA TOUR: Stewart-Haas Racing

Charlotte, NC - NASCAR's Sprint Media Tour began Monday and officials announced the non-points race February 16th, the weekend before the Daytona 500, will be designed by fans.

Fans will pick the race format, pit stops, eliminations, and even Miss Sprint Cup's fire suit.

You can vote at:

For every NASCAR team it's a fresh start. The Cup Series will use the new Generation 6 car this season so everyone has to adapt.

"I think it's getting the sport back to its roots where these cars are stock cars and the race car that we have is a V-8, rear-wheel drive and the SS that's coming out is a V-8 rear-wheel drive car so what we're racing on Sunday is what these people are buying on Monday now," said Tony Stewart.

It's Danica Patrick's first full season and she and her team are trying to accomplish a set of small goals from week to week.

"It's usually things like getting on and off pit road well. It's qualifying, getting up to speed quickly, that stuff that you need that you really need to trust the car and know what it's going to do. I'm just not there yet," Danica Patrick said.

Ryan Newman did not make the Chase last year and this season he has his old crew chief back Matt Borland.

"We think a lot alike. Sometimes it's scary but from a personal standpoint we have our past. We know where we succeeded. We know where we failed and overcoming those failures I think makes you stronger yet. That's why I'm equally excited to be back with him this year because we know how good we can be," Newman said.

Stewart-Haas has sponsorships still available for nine races each with Stewart and Newman, and three for Patrick.