NASCAR Media Tour - Richard Childress Racing

After a string of disappointing seasons Richard Childress Racing has made some structural changes and South Boston's Jeff Burton hopes they pay off. Justin Feldkamp continues our coverage of the NASCAR Media Tour.

Testing speeds have been fast with his new Generation 6 car but Jeff Burton needs results in races.

Jeff Burton, RCR #31 CHEVROLET, said "I don't race because I need a paycheck. I've made enough money in my career. I'm not bragging but financially I'm stable. I'm doing it because I want to get back to the top. I want to get back to being a contender."

In years past there wasn't a total team effort here at RCR. They worked on a more individual team basis but that philosophy has changed and they hope it's for the better.

Burton said "Each team has a goal. Each team has an agenda and that is to serve the entire company so when I'm doing something I'm working for the 29 and I'm also working for Paul, for Kevin, I'm working for Austin, I'm doing it for everybody and by the way they're doing the same for me."

If the strategy works it should change their place in the standings.

Burton said "The last two years one team has been in the Chase and that's been it. We've got to find a way to be more consistent. We want every team in the Chase but honestly if one doesn't make it, none of us should make it. We should all run much closer to the same."

This season Burton is paired with Luke Lambert.

Richard Childress, RCR OWNER, said "They had a good end to the season and now that Luke has had a year of crew chiefing in the Nationwide, running for a championship, that's what I wanted him to do and he did it and he's earned his way to being a Cup crew chief."

Change can be good and that's what RCR needs.