NASCAR Media Tour - Penske Racing

For the first time in NINE years, NASCAR saw someone NEW win a championship. Brad Keselowski won it all in 2012.

If you win NASCAR's top championship you get a trophy, a key to the city, and a lot more media attention.

Brad Keselowski, DEFENDING SPRINT CUP CHAMPION, said "That's my goal. I want to win races. I want to be a leader in the sport and I want to win a championship again."
Last year at this time this warehouse was filled with Dodge cars but since they left NASCAR last season, Keselowski will chase another championship with a Ford.
Roger Penske, TEAM OWNER, said "We had to have a manufacturer that we felt would be with us for a long time. I think the commitment that Ford has made is one that will meet that requirement and for me, Dodge did a great job for us and they were great partners. We delivered for them. If you're ever going to leave, you want to leave on top."
Keselowski says he can be just as competitive now because of what Ford has brought to his team. Keselowski said "When you have a problem and you need to work forward to find a solution to something, you have the support from the top down. It's not fragmented. It's the whole level from the CEO down, what can we do to be better and that's very, very important."
Teammates are important, too, and this season Joey Logano joins Penske Racing. And having Keselowski on his side is a huge advantage.
Joey Logano, who will drive the #22 Penske Ford, said "I think he's very smart with the way he goes through certain situations when he's in the shop or on the racetrack and I could learn a lot from Brad."