NASCAR MEDIA TOUR: Hendrick Motorsports

The "golden boys" took center stage Wednesday on the NASCAR Media Tour. Dale Junior, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Kasey Kahne are looking to repeat a season in which all four drivers made the Chase.

The new Gen 6 car presents a challenge to all NASCAR teams but Jimmie Johnson might be the best equipped to handle it. He won four of his five titles with the COT car but he also won it in 2006 with the Monte Carlo

"I feel like I have it in my skill set, I know the team does, some of those skills are probably a little rusty from the way things have been with the Car of Tomorrow but I know I'll find it and I'll work endless hours to sort it out," said Jimmie Johnson.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. got off the schnide with a win at Michigan but says they need to become a team that can win more than one race a year.

"We were a team that just needed to win and now we need to be a team that can win two, three races, at least and continue to be in the at conversation as a team to look forward to in the Chase," said Earnhardt, Jr.

On Tuesday 500-600 employees at Hendrick Motorsports had a special guest on campus, Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamier .

"He talked about being prepared. He talked about execution and he talked about working together and not leaving anybody behind," said Hendrick.

"You know what Mr. Beamer and what he's done over the years in college football and to just listen to come of his insight, some of the experiences he's had was pretty neat. I'm going to take a lot of it with me for sure," said Kasey Kahne.

"I learned he likes golf a lot. He was awesome. He had us laughing. He was motivating us which is always fantastic to hear somebody," said Jeff Gordon.

Beamer also spoke about loyalty, honor and trust - attributes that work on the football field and in racing.

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