NASCAR Drivers Get a Taste of The Martinsville Speedway

Martinsville, VA - Three of NASCAR's youngest drivers spent time at the Martinsville Speedway Wednesday.

Truck series drivers, Darrell Wallace Jr., Joey Coulter and Erik Jones answered some questions and got to check out the track. They are all three part of Kyle Busch Motorsports.

Jones is the youngest driver at just 16-years old. Wednesday was his first time to see Martinsville in person. In addition, they got to have some fun today by riding in the pace car.

While this Toyota Camry does not go as fast as the racecars, it did give them a good perspective of what is to come at the race in just a week and a half.

"Any laps you can get around this place or any place is going to help you. So it definitely didn't hurt to get out there and get a feel for the track and something at least out there,"said Truck Series Driver Erik Jones. The drivers hope to also get some help for Martinsville from Kyle Busch.