NAACP Holds Pep Rally for Southside Students

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Students on the Southside start school on Monday. To help them prepare, the Pittsylvania County chapter of the NAACP held a pep rally Saturday.

The NAACP Youth Council in Pittsylvania County wants to set the tone for children to be ambitious the upcoming school year.

For the president of the NAACP Youth Council, the pep rally is kind of like annual tradition.

"I have been coming to this rally since I was six years old. I can remember the same people coming every year. They try to motivate us and it push me through school," said Jennifer Womack, President of Pittsylvania County Youth Council.

Several local officials were in attendance including Pittsylvania County Schools Superintendent James McDaniel. He says he knows kids really do need that extra push.

"I believe our kids need a little something to shock them back into reality that school is about to start. You're going to have to get up a little early, you're going to have to stay up a little later, you're going to have to work a little harder," McDaniel said.

Several speakers encouraged the kids to do well this school year, but also encouraged parents to be involved in their child's academic life.

"For the educational success of a student, surely parental support is very high on that list," McDaniel said.

"[It's] very motivating for the children," parent Deena Carter said.

"It teaches me how to become a stronger person in school," student Analissia McClain added.

Many of the kids left the pep rally with new backpacks and school supplies. They were donated by members of the community.