My Rock Encounter by Lauren Compton

Some people want to meet Oprah Winfrey, President Barack Obama, or Lady Gaga, but my dream is to meet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

I was looking over my past blogs, and I realized I have never shared this fun fact about myself. I am a huge Dwayne Johnson fan. Part of my obsession comes from being an awkward, quirky girl in middle school who found a small measure of strength in The Rock's larger than life personality.

I started watching wrestling with my great grandmother when I was little, but I never clung to a character the way I clung to The Rock. After watching a few of his matches, I had to have everything with The Rock's name on it. I bought Rock T-shirts, magazines, pictures, and bobble heads. I even spent two months of my allowance to buy nose blood seats to see him at the Richmond Coliseum. It was a magical moment, even from the top of the{}coliseum, when The Rock entered I cried. Yes I'm a huge fan. So imagine my surprise when I found someone who not only knows The Rock, but trained with him before he went into the WWE.

I met The Rock's friend who I will call Bruce in Bedford County through some contacts who know about my love for Dwayne Johnson. I told Bruce about my love for "The Rock" and how much I wanted to meet him.

"If you hear from "The Rock" again, can you tell him there is a girl in Virginia who is a huge fan?" I said.

"I'll do you one better. I'll give him a call and get you an autograph," Bruce said.

At this point my heart was pounding, and since this was the closest I had ever come to meeting The Rock, I had to take full advantage.

"Can you give The Rock this DVD and letter I made when I was 15?"

Bruce smiled, and agreed to send{}my stuff. Have you ever heard of that old show called, "Fanatic?" It's the show where crazed fans send videos of themselves with stories about why they deserve to meet their favorite celebrity. Well when I was about 15, I made one of those tapes, but I was too scared to send it in. And that's what I send in a packed envelope to The Rock.

A few weeks{}later I received my autographed picture from The Rock, and the feeling that I{}am getting{}closer to meeting my teen idol.

"The Rock got your letter. He wants you to know it really touched his heart, he even cried reading about how you were picked on in school. It really meant a lot to him," said Bruce.

One day I am sure our paths will cross and I'll get to tell him face-to-face how his big personality and encouraging words helped a little awkward middle-schooler find some courage to stand up to her bullies.