My Frustrations With Party Extremists, by Noreen Turyn

I am frustrated just like everyone else with the state of party politics. I believe most Americans are somewhat left of center, or somewhat right of center, or maybe even dead-on center and yet with political parties, the party extremists hold their politicians hostage. They get furious with anyone who compromises, or gives a little to find common ground.

What if the other party's ideas actually DID make more sense? "Absolutely not," say party leaders, "not if you want our support." Come on people, both parties have very well educated, intelligent people coming up with ideas and solutions to our nation's and state's problems. The other party might just have a good idea once in a while. So if you vote for it, you are forever persecuted for folding, when really it's compromise, and compromise is how solutions are achieved. So why can't politicians vote more to reflect the opinions of Americans- meaning more centrist thoughts and ideas? Because then they can't get re-elected if they do! Not because the voters wouldn't vote for them, but because their party wouldn't put up the funding to help them campaign!

Sadly, I believe many politicians start out with great ideals hopes and dreams of truly helping those they represent, of being the one who can make a difference, but instead they get sucked into the system, and it stops being about the issues and what's best for the public, and starts being about how to make sure to get re-elected. And that often means voting against something that may be the best solution out there, simply because it was the other party's proposal. Believe me, both parties equally share this sin, not one more than the other.

I wish we could start a Centrist Party that fields candidates who support the best ideas of everyone, fiscally, socially, etc. who will use logic in their decisions rather than partisan politics. No extremists allowed. Or we could try again with the idea of term limits, so candidates can take their sights off the next election, not worry about what their voting record will reflect, and focus squarely on the business at hand. Or we can just continue on with business as usual, which of course, is what we'll do. And I'll just continue to remain frustrated along with the rest of America.