Museum at Omaha Beach Pays Tribute to 29th Division

29th Division Helmet

Saint Laurent-sur-Mer, France - The Omaha Beach Memorial Museum tells the story of Americans who fought there on D-Day, including the 29th Division.

Soldiers of the 29th are depicted by mannequins in various invasion scenes. The museum's collection includes a damaged helmet one of those soldiers wore on the beach.

There are newspaper clippings from the Bedford Bulletin and News and Advance, telling visitors about the Bedford Boys and The National D-Day Memorial.

A veteran we met in France even suggested we visit Bedford, before Angela Hatcher told him that's where she's from. They then shared an emotional moment.

"You know then. You know. Nineteen guys. Nineteen guys out of a town about the size I come from. You can't get over it," said Henry Gurney, a Normandy campaign veteran.

Gurney is from White Hall, New York. He made friends with a tour guide at The National D-Day Memorial and visits Bedford often. Gurney promised Angela he'll look her up the next time he's in our area.