Murphy's Family Recognized Taylor

Nelson Co., VA - Alexis Murphy's family says they first matched a face to the name provided by the FBI using Google.

The family says they quickly realized it was not the first time they had seen Taylor, although they don't believe Alexis knows Taylor personally.

"We recognize him. I think pretty much all of us have said that we've seen him at one point or another," said Trina Murphy. "I mean, Nelson County is a very small place. You go to Liberty and stand there long enough, you'll see everybody that you know," said Trina Murphy, Alexis' Great Aunt.

Other residents in Nelson County say they've seen Taylor at the Lovingston gas station where Alexis was last seen.

John Callahan says it was not unusual to see Taylor parked near the station's "Air Vac" machine, but says in the last week or so he and his SUV hadn't been there.