Murphy's Family and Randy Taylor's Neighbor Speak Out About Case

Lovingston, VA - Alexis's family continues to plead for anyone with information to come forward.

Alexis was scheduled to begin her senior year of high school Monday.

The family says the hours of not knowing are getting more and more painful.

"I have a lot of anger for someone who could take an innocent 17 year old girl and do whatever he has done to her. And I hope that wherever he is, they keep him there for a long time because he deserves to rot in hell," Alexis Murphy's Aunt, Angela Taylor said.

Taylor, like most, is waiting for answers.

"I felt like my heart has stopped beating and it hasn't started," Angela Taylor said.

"She was supposed to start school today," said Alexis Murphy's mother, Laura Ann Murphy. "To have her not here this morning to go off to school to start that was upsetting."

Nelson County School board member Jo Ann Wagner says extra counselors are at the High School this week, to help Alexis' friends cope.

Signs of support for Murphy's family are everywhere.

There are pink ribbons all around the Lovingston area, including right across from the Liberty gas station. School officials say the ribbons are in honor of Alexis Murphy.

"We're all hoping for the best and praying for the best and really want her home soon," Angela Taylor said.

Meanwhile, area neighbors say they recognize the face of Randy Taylor.

"I've seen him walking up and down 29. I've seen him walk here down there and back," Neighbor Larry Spencer said.

Spencer says he saw Taylor a few days before Alexis went missing.